Secure Visitor Management

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At Veristream, our motivation is simple: We want the good guys to win. It’s why we obsess over making the very best visitor management systems, to protect the biggest buildings and brightest business in the world.

Since the 1960’s, our founders have been pioneers in electronic security — starting with audio detection and verification. From protecting US Air Force bases to locking down former Soviet power plants, their innovations have made our sister company, Advantor Systems LLC, one of the leading providers of electronic security applications to the US Military.

After September 11, high profile office buildings and Fortune 100 clients asked us for an even better way to secure buildings from external threats. Hence, Veristream was born — and our flagship product, iVisitor, has been the leading high-security lobby technology ever since.

Veristream continues to deliver customer oriented solutions and the latest state of the art technology – Aon Center