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Veristream Provides Barcode Readers to Reduce Security Risks

Barcode readers enable visitors, employees, and contractors to enter – or re-enter – your facility at both manned and unmanned access points. Veristream’s integrated barcode readers allow you to track all individuals as they enter and exit the premises while drastically reducing lobby congestion. Barcode’s can be included on visitor badges as well as mobile devices so that checking in and out of your facility is quick and seamless.

Veristream offers a variety of barcode reader options, applications and software to suit each enterprise’s unique needs.


  • 2D Scanners
  • Cordless Scanners
  • Rugged Mobile Computing Scanners
  • Handheld Scanners
  • Android Scanners
  • iPhone, iPad, Mobile Scanning
  • Presentation Scanners

Barcode Reader Applications:

  • Inventory Scanners
  • POS Scanners
  • Industrial Scanners
  • Healthcare Scanners