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Veristream Provides Custom Badging to Enhance Professionalism

Visitor badges increase security. By specifying certain features on the visitor’s badge, security teams are better equipped to identify approved visitors at-a-glance. With Veristream’s visitor ID badge options, you are able to create and deliver high quality, high-resolution ID badges within seconds, allowing you to identify a visitor’s access at-a-glance.

Our custom badging solution scans each visitor’s ID – a driver’s license, state ID, or passport – and can capture photographs of the visitor. Our badge printers then produce an appealing, professional visitor badge that is designed to reflect the visitor’s specific level of access. Veristream provides the flexibility to include your logo, corporate art work, bar codes, Wi-Fi access credentials, custom badge designs, security requirements, and more on the visitor badge.

Veristream’s custom badges are also engineered to prevent counterfeit use. By specifying a certain background color that corresponds to the date of creation, your visitor management team is able to identify a counterfeit badge quickly and efficiently. Veristream also provides the following temporary and permanent badge options to meet a variety of needs at your entity.

Different Badge Options:

  • Visitor security badges
  • Self-expiring visitor ID badges
  • Temporary visitor badges


  • Paperless electronic badging
  • Sticky back badges