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Veristream Provides ID Scanner Options to Create Seamless Check-in

The ability to accurately identify and track all visitors entering your facilities is critical to the security of your enterprise. ID scanners are a fast and convenient method for checking in visitors and keeping unwelcome visitors out.

Veristream iVisitor solution streamlines the visitor check-in process and avoids lobby congestion. Our available ID scanner provides a seamless check-in process by automatically reading government issued IDs and looking up scheduled visitors. All visitor information is keep strictly confidential and data is encrypted for secure storage. Veristream’s solution also provides the ability to conduct background checks on all visitors, scanning felony and sex offender databases. This further increases security without raising alarms that could impede the check-in process.

Veristream’s cloud-based solution provides access to the visitor management solution from any facility locally, nationwide, and worldwide.

The iVisitor solution also helps maintain compliance with current and ongoing privacy laws. Veristream’s visitor management solution is PII compliant, ensuring the confidentiality and security of visitors and employees at your entity.