Visitor Management System

Veristream provides a secure, web based visitor management system for a variety of industries and companies of any size looking for easier visitor control, increased visitor security and simplified visitor badging.

Our visitor management system is easy to deploy and requires no hardware or software installations.

iVisitor, Veristream’s electronic visitor management system can be customized to fit your individual business needs.  Available features of the visitor management system include :

Veristream’s visitor badge software increases lobby management and visitor control.  We strive to assist you in simplifying your visitor management techniques and processes.

iVisitor is fully scalable and offers a custom solutions for commercial businesses from single location to the global enterprise. Click the link below for a pricing and features comparison.

  • We are new customers with Veristream, Inc. We like the fact that now we know who is entering our gated community with the use of an ID swipe for each visitor. One major benefit is there is no backing up of records and it is very easy to search for past information. iVisitor is an efficient & secure visitor management system that has truly helped increase security at our facility!

    Harbor Isle West | Keith Burban, President
  • The service and support have been excellent.  The iVisitor visitor management system works perfectly for our needs.  We have been able to utilize a very robust and specialized piece of software, but have not been required to make a large capital purchase to benefit from this application.  I would recommend this product as well to anyone with a need to use iVisitor.  Great job!!  Thank you for being there for us.

    Top 10 Hospital System in USA | Purchasing Director
  • iVisitor is very user friendly. The program is web based so the tenants can access the program from any PC that they choose. The best part of the system is that it dramatically cuts down on our guests wait time in the lobby. Because the guest is already in the visitor management system when they arrive, our security guards simply have to print off their visitors badge and they are on their way.

    International Real Estate firm | Tenant Services Coordinator
  • Alcoa Technical Center implemented the iVisitor visitor management system to control and streamline our visitor process at our location in Pennsylvania. iVisitor dramatically reduced this back-log and is a wonderful tool for our guards. The system is user-friendly, allows multiple ways to track visitors and can generate reports. Now we have efficient visitor management software to verify our visitors and streamline our export compliance process. iVisitor has been a great solution for us!