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  • • Integrate to extensive back-end applications

    • Access Control Integration

    • NDA Tracking and Acceptance

    • Compliance – ITAR, GMP and Others

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Your employees and guests want instant access to every building they visit. But should they have it? How long will it take you to find out? And how many people are piling up at reception?

Veristream’s visitor management solution, iVisitor, is an easy to use visitor management system with military strength capabilities. iVisitor is used by global enterprises, multi-tenant buildings and businesses of all sizes that want to secure their buildings from external threats with an easy to use, comprehensive visitor management solution. iVisitor enables approved visitors to move quickly through lobby and security check points and keeps everyone else out.


Get security at scale

Protect one building, or one thousand. iVisitor for the Enterprise is built for global companies with multiple locations local or global.


Provide full audit trails

Track every visitor at every facility in the Enterprise — and easily generate detailed reports — so you stay compliant with local and federal standards.

Access Control Integration

iVisitor for the Enterprise integrates with most existing access control systems.  Ensure every person is who they say they are and allowed access to only where authorized.


Screen visitors in real time

Capture images of people as they enter buildings across the street or across the Atlantic — and compare them automatically against global watch lists.

Manage both vendors & contractors

Know who you are expecting, and who you aren’t, so you can keep contractors and vendors moving quickly — and everyone else out.


Keep everyone where they belong

Create multiple levels of access, and keep unauthorized visitors and employees out of areas they don’t belong — like administrative areas, supply rooms, high security wings, and more.

More secure.  More professional.  More efficient.

You get enterprise-grade security, efficiency, and scalability. Your visitors get a VIP-class experience — whether they’re customers, vendors, or employees. Everybody wins.

You benefit from:

A truly automated experience. Register visitors, confirm identities, and print badges in seconds.

Fewer lines in the lobby, since employees can preregister their visitors quickly and easily.

Increased insight —knowing who is in the building, who will be arriving, and when.

Greater security. Schedule and monitor everything
from vendor visits to package deliveries.

Your visitors enjoy:

Less confusion with automatically sent emails containing directions and check-in instructions

Faster, more professional check-in and checkout, with a seamless, VIP experience.

Shorter waiting times, since each visitor’s host is automatically notified upon arrival

Get all the control, with none of the headaches

iVisitor runs in the cloud, so you can
stop maintaining costly servers and software.


No more software and server crashes — iVisitor is entirely online


Eliminate the need for IT support


Enjoy 99.995% uptime, around the clock


Define as many levels of user authority as you need — including employee, executive, and security users.

Built to scale — for even the largest corporations


Stay safe and secure

  • Analyze your risk in real-time
  • Create global “do not admit lists” shared across every campus
  • Evacuation lists make it easy for authorized users to see who checked in that day in the event of an emergency— from any device.

Ensure compliance

  • Run automated, auditable reports — including past visitor reports — or generate them on the fly anytime

Improve Efficiency

  • Enable unattended check-in and badge-printing for expected visitors through lobby kiosks
  • Print badges in six seconds or less
  • Authorized users can even schedule deliveries to the building’s loading dock


  • Standard features include,
  • No Software or Server Required
  • Upgrades Included for Free
  • Pre-Register Visitors
  • Text Notifications
  • Manage Legal Agreements
  • Online Reporting
  • Custom Visitor Notification Emails
  • Print Visitor Badges
  • Single Location Only
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  • All Standard features plus,
  •  Unlimited Reception Desks
  •  Unlimited Visitors and Users
  •  Custom Badge Layout
  •  Capture Visitor Photos
  •  Multi-Location Support
  •  Long Term Vendor / Contractor Management
  •  Customized Login Page
  •  Drivers License Scanning
  •  Bar Code Rapid Checkout
  •  Touch Screen Kiosks
  •  Customization User Authorities
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  • All Professional features plus,
  •  Single Sign On Integration
  •  Employee Day Passes
  •  Emergency Evacuation List
  •  Available for Unlimited Locations
  •  VPN Support
  •  WiFi Access Integration
  •  Enterprise Application Integration
  •  24×7 Platinum Support/Custom SLA
  •  Safe Harbor Approved
  •  Package/Delivery Control
  •  Export Compliance Control
  • Vehicle Control
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  • Multi-Tenant features
  • Tenant Portals 
  • Complete Communication 
  •  Secure Monitoring
  •  Single Sign On Integration
  •  Emergency Evacuation List
  •  VPN Support
  •  Package/Delivery Control
  •  Export Compliance Control
  • 24×7 Platinum Support/Custom SLA
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iSite Access

  • iSiteAccess features
  •  Improve visitor experience
  •  Control employee access
  •  Integrate with existing access control
  •  Eliminate need for multiple access cards
  •  Cut capitol expenses
  •  Support unlimited employees
  •  Support unlimited locations
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