Welcome every employee like a VIP

Your employees are your most frequent visitors. So why make them check in at every new facility they visit? iSiteAccess is a cloud-based, centralized employee visitor control solution that facilitates faster entry into all of your companies locations — around the corner and around the globe.

Secure Visitor Management

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Stop treating employees like strangers

With iSiteAccess, your security staff always knows who to expect and when — so you can make better staffing decisions, reduce administration , and eliminate long lobby lines.

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iSiteAccess empowers you to:


Improve the visitor experience for heavy travelers like executives and sales teams


Control employee access to every building and zone across all your properties


Reduce complexity, eliminating multiple access cards and manual administration


Cut capitol expenses —no software or dedicated hardware required


Support unlimited employees, security users, and administrators

Here’s how it works

1. Request Access
Employees request access to the location they plan to visit from a simple, SaaS-based portal.

2. Approve Access
Security staff instantly review, verify, and approve requests.

3. Skip the lobby
Employees can skip the lobby altogether — using their existing employee badge to access approved facilities.