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  • • Integrate to extensive back-end applications

    • Access Control Integration

    • NDA Tracking and Acceptance

    • Compliance – ITAR, GMP and Others

iVisitor is built for multi-tenant

No more written visitor logs. No more on-site server hassles. With iVisitor Multi-Tenant, you get the most secure, professional, and efficient web-based visitor management system available, whether you have ten tenants or two hundred.


Get security at scale

Protect one tenant, or one thousand. Managing multiple tenant companies and their visitors, off-site employees, deliveries and vendors can be complex. iVisitor goes above and beyond managing visitors.

Easy to integrate and operate

With synchronization with building security systems, iVisitor is designed to be easy to incorporate into multi-tenant security and business operations. Seamlessly and easily working in conjunction with HR and access control.

The right people at the right time

Proper management and tracking is crucial. iVisitor shifts the responsibility for data entry and report generation to the tenant employees and managers. This is not only more efficient, it frees up security for other tasks and creates a useful documentation trail.


Flexibility and awareness

No duplicate effort between the building receptionist, the individual tenant receptionists or tenant employee who is hosting the visitor. The appropriate people know when visitors are expected, when they check in, and where they are headed.

Manage both vendors & contractors

Know who you are expecting, and who you aren’t, so you can keep contractors and vendors moving quickly — and everyone else out.


Keep everyone where they belong

Create multiple levels of access, and keep unauthorized visitors and employees out of areas they don’t belong — like administrative areas, supply rooms, high security wings, and more.

Give tenants more control

Completely eliminate confusion between building and tenant staff

Tenant Portals

Tenants schedule visitors easily through their own iVisitor portal.

Complete Communication

iVisitor keeps tenant and building staff in complete synch – without duplicate or manual efforts.

Secure Monitoring

Tenants and building security know who is coming and going at all times.  Tenant receptionists and building security have a real-time view of all visitors.

Get all the control, with none of the headaches

iVisitor runs in the cloud, so you can
stop maintaining costly servers and software.


No more software and server crashes — iVisitor is entirely online


Eliminate the need for IT support


Enjoy 99.995% uptime, around the clock


Define as many levels of user authority as you need — including employee, executive, and security users.

Built to scale — for even the biggest buildings


Stay safe and secure

  • Create building-wide “do not admit lists”
  • “Fire Lists” make it easy for authorized users to see who checked in that day in the event of an emergency— from any device.

Ensure compliance

  • Keep track of contractor and vendor Certificates of Insurance to make sure they are protected against liability.
  • Run automated reports — including past visitor reports — or generate them on the fly anytime

Improve Efficiency

  • Enable unattended check-in and badge-printing for expected visitors through lobby kiosks
  • Print badges in six seconds or less
  • Authorized tenant users can even schedule deliveries to the building’s loading dock


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Per location
Billed annually

All these features and more

  • Single Sign On Integration
  • Emergency Evacuation List
  • Available for Unlimited Locations
  • WiFi Access Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • 24×7 Platinum Support/Custom SLA
  • Safe Harbor Approved

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