Month: January 2015

What You Should Look For in Visitor Management Systems

Things Integrators Should Look For in Visitor Management Systems Multi-tenant commercial properties, and corporate enterprises continue to seek reliable, stable, and cost-effect ways for visitor management. Gone are the days with handwritten check-in logs, sticky notes with individuals to watch for, and OCR scanners. Today, the new generation of visitor management systems streamline visitor check-ins,…
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Understanding a Building-Wide or Enterprise-Wide Do Not Admit List

Does your building have systems in place to keep unauthorized and unwanted visitors from entering the premises? Learn more about how to streamline access for scheduled visitors and keep your security staff up-to-date with the most recent visitors on your company’s “do not admit” list of barred visitors. A visitor management system is only as…
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Protecting Visitor Data Privacy

Protecting Visitor Data Privacy An important part of visitor management is taking care of the visitors’ needs. Visitors must feel protected as they do business in a remote location whether they are using a hardwired or wireless device. For this reason, an important part of an effective visitor management system is data protection. At Veristream,…
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