Month: April 2015

Workplace Violence and Disgruntled Ex-Employees

Violence in the workplace is a serious concern for security teams, HR personnel, and employees alike. Disgruntled terminated employees may try to seek revenge through violence against co-workers or destruction of property. In today’s world, keeping employees and tenants safe must be a top priority for facilities staff. Recent incidences of workplace violence have spanned…
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Training Employees in the Art of Security

The human element makes security more of an art, than a science. Leave the science to state-of-the-art security and visitor management systems. More than ever before in our history, safety and security in the workplace has never been more important. No facility or workplace is immune to security lapses and threats. Security is a shared…
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Visitor Security in A Technology Focused World

Say “Goodbye” to manual visitor management systems, and embrace SaaS based VMS systems Our world has gone high-tech. From automated checkouts at grocery stores, to mobile phones that allow us to stay connected 24/7, we have come to expect high-tech experiences everywhere we go. When faced with a low-tech interface, eyebrows are raised in disbelief.…
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The Essential Building Security Checklist

The Essential Building Security Checklist Veristream’s goal is to increase building security across the world.  It is the responsibility of commercial office properties to take proactive measures to keep employees, tenants, visitors and contractors safe from potential security threats, even if your building has taken the time to put proper security protocols in place, including…
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