Month: June 2015

Office Hoteling & Space Management

Office Hoteling & Space Management Office hoteling is not a new concept; in fact it has been around since the early 1990s. Today, it continues to grow in popularity with corporate enterprises that are seeking to be more efficient with real estate and other expenditures. The concept is that corporations can reduce their real estate…
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What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors?

What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors? Sticky paper badges and a magic marker were once the go-to option for visitor badges. Fortunately, technology and ingenuity has provided dramatic improvements to that system. Now that visitor management has gone the way of a software as a service with Veristream’s iVisitor, customized printed…
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Visitor Check-in with Self-Service Kiosks

Streamline Visitor Check-in with Self-Service Kiosks Visitor management in a multi-tenant environment can be a challenge. During periods of high visitor traffic, with a traditional visitor management system, delays are inevitable. In addition, during these periods where all hands are focused on processing visitors properly, the building can be at a greater security risk. A…
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Visitor Badging in Commercial Properties

Custom Visitor Badging Options Gone are the days when the name of a visitor to a commercial property is scribbled down on a sticker, or at least, they should be. Old-school visitor badging principles simply cannot stand the test of time, nor do they need to. Workplace violence, roving sales personnel, and individuals that intend…
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Visitor Management NDA

Visitors to Sign a NDA Prior to Access? Many corporations are moving towards having all visitors and contractors sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to arrival at their offices. Requiring visitors to sign NDA’s is good in theory, however it is vital to recognize the challenge it creates when handled manually. Many building security teams already have more…
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Visitor Management Software iPad

Visitor Management Software iPad Takes a Leap Forward No longer are networked computers or kiosks necessary; SaaS visitor management systems allow the flexibility that many buildings and facilities require today. Visitor management systems, including Veristream’s iVisitor and iSiteAccess™, allow security personnel at the reception area, in parking facilities, or other designated areas, to use an…
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