Month: July 2015

Visitor Logs, Proxy Cards, and Kiosks

Elements Of Visitor Management Keeping a facility secure from outside threats is essential. In the post 9-11 world, most facilities have upgraded their security protocols to include extra security personnel, video monitoring, and even put barricades around the perimeter of the property. Unfortunately, however, many have still not updated the security protocols for visitors. Handwritten visitor…
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iPad can Improve Your Building’s Security?

Did you Know an iPad can Improve Your Building’s Security? iPads and other tablets are a part of everyday life; they can improve efficiency in a professional environment, as well as at home. And now, they can play an essential part in your building’s visitor management while enhancing existing security protocols of the facility. When…
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Enterprise organizations need iSiteAccess

iSiteAccess™ from Veristream is an ideal solution for corporations with multiple properties. Whether facilities are across the street, in a neighboring state, or across the globe, you can increase security while fostering a smooth traveling experience for your employees. Through Veristream’s state-of-the-art SaaS system, your employees can easily travel from location to location, without multiple…
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iVisitor Self-Service Kiosk Options

iVisitor is the visitor management system of choice for the largest high-rise multi-tenant office buildings in the country, including the Willis Tower in Chicago. At the Willis Tower, over 2,000 visitors come through the door each day, and prior to the deployment of iVisitor, managing visitors was a challenge. This is not uncommon for multi-tenant…
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