Month: February 2016

Strategies for Success when Migrating Security Systems

In order to perform a successful migration, there are various steps and processes to be aware of. From the operational paradigm to preparing for the unexpected, Veristream can help you establish a firm migration plan to advance your visitor management solutions.

Only 49% of U.S. Businesses Have a Plan to Address Security Threats

Despite Identified Threats, Less Than Half of U.S. Businesses Have a Plan to Address Visitor and Insider Security Threats As recently as 2000, the mention of security in the business, healthcare and college campus realms conjured images of alarm systems, badge readers and locked doors. Today, logical security in these settings is the rule of…
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Visitor Management Helps Hospital Visitation Policies

It is better for all patients if they are able to visit with their loved ones often during their stay at the hospital. Ensure that your facility allows these opportunities through an advanced visitor management system.

Why An Access Management System is Critical

Why An Access Management System is Critical to Your Company’s Building, Office and Data Security As a business owner, healthcare facilities manager or college campus safety administrator, would you provide every employee or student equal access to your  buildings, offices or system applications? Of course not. But how are you sure you’re not doing just…
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How Visitor Management is Enhancing Security in Multi-tenant Buildings

High-rise buildings continue to be the focal point for tightening regulatory processes, which may or may not be a surprise. Although it wasn’t the first or the last high-rise tragedy on record, the 9-11 World Trade Center attack is, for many, the one event that first comes to mind regarding our thoughts about security in high-rise…
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Kiosks Prove Valuable As Part of Comprehensive Visitor Management

Visitor Management Kiosks Prove to be a Valuable Part of a Comprehensive Visitor Management System An important element to the success of a Visitor Management Program is the temporary ID badge that visitors wear while they’re at a facility that requires them to identify themselves, the contractor or vendor they represent, the name of the…
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Is Your Business ITAR Compliant?

The ITAR articles affect the sale, distribution, and manufacture of products covered under the USML in most technology and security companies. Ensure that your business is ITAR compliant by being aware of the qualifications of compliance, the products and services included under both the USML and ITAR, and the violations for businesses that are found…
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