Month: March 2016

Healthcare Facilities Create Welcoming Lobbies w/ Visitor Management

Between high-volume traffic and escalated concerns surrounding clinical and research healthcare facilities, it can be challenging to maintain a welcoming environment. In this post, Veristream provides information on the benefits of a visitor management system as it applies to healthcare entities.


Best Practices for Enterprise Visitor Management

Does Your Organization Need An Enterprise Visitor Management System or Visitor Sign In App? In today’s increasingly violent environment, the streams of visitors that pass through enterprise corporate offices, university campuses and healthcare facilities have created a need to establish and maintain visitor management policies as part of an overall security plan. Visitors in any…
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Protect Against Costly Insider Threats

Did you know that 88 percent of all illegal employee activity is carried out by an enterprise’s permanent staff? Veristream can help you establish a plan that can prevent these activities from occurring at your enterprise.

Enterprises Meet C-TPAT Compliance Requirements

Enterprises Meet C-TPAT Compliance Requirements One of the biggest challenges facing U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is the inability to open and inspect every container crossing into U.S. ports and borders. Manpower limitations and the significant volume of freight coming into the country make the task impossible. The CBP estimates it opens and views…
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Practices For Better Emergency Evacuation Management

Fires, natural disasters, national emergencies, emergency evacuations…what would you do in one of these situations? No one likes to think about any of these scenarios, but the truth is that being prepared could save lives in any of these situations. This is why every workplace needs a strong evacuation plan. These best practices will help…
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Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management

The Department of Homeland Security Offers Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management and Access Management for Businesses, Commercial Buildings and Enterprises Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has established a list of guidelines for commercial building security based, in part, on the critical need to ensure that no…
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Lost Access Control Cards Can Impact Your Business

Security risks of employees losing their access control cards In today’s corporate world, we all have badges which identify us as an employee, cleared to be in the building. To take it a step further, on Government or otherwise secure (i.e. classified) projects, those badges identify us as someone with the proper clearance to work…
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