Month: May 2016

Visitor Management Logs & Auditing Tools

Maintaining a routine visitor management log can dramatically benefit your entity’s security standards. With the ability to identify the movements of members and guests, businesses are better equipped to both prevent and address various security vulnerabilities

Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers

New Generation of Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers Building owners and managers of corporate enterprise and multi-tenant commercial properties face some real challenges when it comes to finding the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to access and visitor management security. In today’s security-conscious workplace environments, there is no single, cookie-cutter approach…
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The Need for a Visitor Management System

Does your Business Need a Visitor Management System? Regardless of the size, location, or number of employees, your business needs to have a visitor management plan in place – one that records every visitor entering the facility, stores their information in a database, and can quickly produce audit trails and reports in case of an…
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Visitor Management ID Badge Solutions

Choosing the Right Visitor ID Badge for Your Facility The functionality and design of visitor ID badges vary from one organization to the next, depending on each organization’s unique security needs. Each entity’s specific goals, values, and needs are reflected in their use and design of a visitor ID badge or pass. The visitor ID…
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Visitor Management System with Integrated Web-based Access Control

In order to control the influx of visitors your enterprise receives, a reliable and efficient visitor management system must be established. By integrating visitor management and access control systems into a web-based system, your enterprise can implement better visitor security practices.

Foreign Nationals Visitor Tracking Compliance

SaaS is a Secure Way to Untangle the Web of Government Contractors and Foreign Nationals Ex. Government Contractor that must Adhere to DOD Regulations Regarding Foreign Nationals Visitor Tracking The United States government, along with most foreign countries, has a long list of requirements and procedures formulated to control the visits of assigned foreign nationals…
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Visitor Management ID Badges – Where to Wear

Use your visitor management system to its fullest extent by establishing strategies that will maximize your company’s security. By simply adjusting a few details, it can drastically change the way that you do visitor management.

Simplify Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting is a mandatory requirement for all organizations; all enterprises have a legal obligation to adhere to defined statutes and standards ranging from state and Commonwealth legislation to industry codes of practice. These requirements mean that organizations must provide appropriate training and work instructions to contractors and employees in a consistent and timely manner…
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