7 Ways Visitor Management Systems Save Money

7 Ways Visitor Management Systems Save Money

VMS Cost SavingsAn electronic visitor management system (VMS) leverages technology to protect employees, property, and data from unwelcome intruders. A VMS can save your organization money and boost your bottom line in the long run.

Below are seven ways a visitor management system saves your organization money:

  1. Prohibits unauthorized visitors to boost overall physical security
    An electronic VMS is the first line of defense between the outside world and your facility. It helps block unauthorized visitors, reducing and even eliminating opportunities for theft of property and data.
  1. Manages visitors and protects sensitive data
    Today’s VMS replace antiquated visitor “sign-in” systems with superior accuracy, faster processing, and improved data safety. A VMS collects identification information on every visitor, and stores it in a secure database for simplified reporting or auditing. He electronic storage protects your visitors’ personal information to prevent fraud and identity theft, which physical log-in books are more susceptible to.
  1. Fast and efficient visitor check-in enhances security, cuts administrative costs
    Your VMS instantly prints photo ID badges for visitors at check-in for easy tracking and identification while they are in the building. If a visitor history search becomes necessary, a report generates electronically for fast results, saving time and workforce costs necessary with a manual system.
  1. Eliminates visitor interruptions
    Interruptions to employees eat into your bottom line. Research finds that it can take up to 25 minutes for an employee to refocus on a task after a single interruption. Just one disruption per day can cost you about 2.5 hours in lost productivity each week. A VMS eliminates costly visitor interruptions to staff through automated check-in processes.
  1. Fewer check in and administrative tasks mean lower operating costs
    A VMS is designed to perform the functions of a receptionist much like airport kiosks check in travelers. Visitors can register by simply scanning their driver’s license or other approved form of ID. The VMS eliminates the need for a traditional receptionist by performing all the functions required to manage visitor traffic in and out of your facility.
  1. VMS monitors vendor check-in
    Managing contractors entering and exiting your facility requires a system that automatically logs and audits check-in and checkout times to ensure your contractor billing is accurate and contained. 
  1. Eliminates paper waste
    A VMS eliminates visitor sign-in sheets, and the time it takes to update, manage, and archive them. VMS takes paper-centric tasks digital, helping the environment while reducing supply and administrative costs.

Investing in an electronic visitor management systems offer a significant return on investment throughout time. Improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, reduced supply and administrative costs, and increased physical security make VMS a surefire way to boost your bottom line.


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