8 Questions To Ask About Visitor Management Solutions

8 Questions To Ask About Visitor Management Solutions

Electronic front desk visitor management solutionsElectronic Front Desk Visitor Management Solutions

If you don’t think your business can benefit from an electronic visitor management system, you are missing out on valuable information that can clarify who is in your building daily, how you can improve operations, processes to strengthen security policies, opportunities to boost productivity, and much more.

If you’re curious how a visitor management system can help improve your operations, answer the following questions:

  1. How many people visit your company, on average, on a weekly basis?
    A visitor management system allows you to find out more about the efficiency of your front office’s visitor greeting and processing procedures. It creates automatic reports of who visits your building, monitors traffic patterns, and creates easy reports for auditing.
  2. How many visitors to your offices, warehouse, or manufacturing plant are customers?
    An electronic visitor management system establishes up front the reason for a visitor’s visit. You know exactly who was in the building at any given time, why, and where in the facility they visited.
  3. Which of your employees receives the most visitors?
    If any of your representatives receive a high number of visitors or repeat visitors, are they bringing you a high volume of sales to match their traffic? What trends, if any, do you notice with any employees and their visitors? A visitor management system can help you determine what traffic is benefiting your business, and who hosts an unnecessary amount of visitors.
  4. Which company representatives visit your office the most?
    Are outside partners, collaborators or clients visiting more often than what is necessary? Which visitors take up most of your employees’ and your time? Ensure your partnerships and engagements with vendors and company representatives are effective and necessary.
  5. How can you tell who is in the building if there’s an emergency that requires evacuation?
    An electronic visitor management system keeps automatic data logs to identify who is in the building, ensuring everyone exits safely.
  6. What additional tasks can your receptionist and front office team execute that they aren’t currently handling?
    If your visitor data were tracked more deliberately and precisely electronically, could your reception staff accomplish other tasks? An electronic visitor management system allows for independent check-in and check-out functions that enable your front office staff to engage in additional activities and increase productivity.
  7. Are visitors receiving the appropriate security ID badges?
    Visitor management security ID badges help employees and security staff identify visitors at-a-glance, so everyone in the building can be aware of who is there and why. Badges print in seconds at check-in or in advance, so traffic is not affected.
  8. How secure is my information?
    Do your visitors sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at check in? No matter what security or privacy policies you need guests to agree to, a visitor management system can easily integrate agreements into your check-in process to ensure the safety of your data and company information.

Employing Visitor Management

Consider these questions carefully to determine if an electronic visitor management system could help your business operate more efficiently. Ask your security director or visitor management representative to walk through each of the questions with you to help you better understand why a visitor solution is important to your business’ success. Contact your security experts at Veristream at 888-718-0807 for a free demo of our electronic visitor management and site access solutions.


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