Visitor Management Benefits Checklist

Visitor Management Benefits Checklist

VMS Benefits ChecklistSecuring the lobby of corporate buildings has been the first line of defense since the beginning of industrialization. Unfortunately, many enterprises have forgotten how important it is to their physical security, despite rising instances of crime taking place on corporate property across the U.S. and worldwide. Electronic visitor management provides a layer of frontline protection against unwelcome visitors plus an array of additional features that can streamline and fortify many critical administrative functions.

At its foundation, visitor management tracks the usage of a building or site by gathering information on visitors while providing valuable documentation on visitor patterns. The records of a building’s use are used to enhance building security systems including access control and surveillance. As electronic visitor management systems become more common and more powerful, they assume many of the functions of building security and then some.

Consider the following checklist of visitor management benefits:

Visitor Management System Features

  • Allows security staff to hold or reject an unapproved visitor
  • Authorizes each person who enters your building
  • Records check-in and checkout of all visitors, contract workers, vehicles, and materials
  • Provides alerts on client devices for visitor authorization
  • Provides visitor pass formats from the database or custom-designed formats
  • Provides customized labels and fields to include your company logo

Application Modules of Visitor Management Systems

  • Barcodes
  • Client authorization and alerts
  • Contract workers
  • E-mail integration
  • Facial recognition
  • Material IO (Returnable and non-returnable)
  • Security gate reception
    • SMS gateway and GSM modem
  • User Chat
  • Vehicles
  • Visiting card scanner with OCR
  • Web module designed for appointments

Detailed Features of Visitor Management Systems

  • Support one day, long-duration, and multi-entry passes
  • Customize data entry forms (fields and labels)
  • Import data on users, departments, and contract workers
  • Support chat modules between security and staff
  • Define users and roles
  • Capture new visitor data by visiting card scanner
  • Create visitor appointments for quick pass generation at the main gate
  • Manage contractor and contract worker details
  • Limit entry only to authorized users
  • Distribute safety instruction certificates
  • Maintain attendance and working hours of workers
  • Generate compliance and other reports
  • Define multiple, sequential authorization for materials
  • Print barcoded (optional) material outward gate-pass
  • Authorize visitors by SMS using a GSM modem
  • Send an email to visitor and host upon appointment creation and cancellation
  • Send visitor in and out email to host
  • Allocate different entry, exit gates
  • Approve entry and exit from any gate
  • Allocate specific security users to specific gates
  • Synchronize in and out entry
  • Allow security users to initiate a chat with online staff members and vice-versa
  • Provide single security for multiple tenants
  • Support SMS sending
  • Import master data

A visitor management system allows users to require visitors to execute a legal document such as a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a general release. For some companies, executing an NDA with each visit is a standard practice that reminds visitors all disclosure is confidential.

It is time to take a new look at the way you deal with visitors. Not only can you improve security, simplify investigations, and lower your risk, but a visitor management system can also enhance your company’s image with its customers.

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