Category: Building Owners and Managers

The Evolution of the Coworking Office Industry

Are you familiar with the latest office space trend? Read our recent blog discussing coworking, it’s evolution throughout the past few years, and its impact on office spaces and security.

Visitor Management Data Enables Business Objectives

How can a visitor management system optimize business success? Discover the most beneficial ways to use your visitor management system to further company objectives, now:

Mobility Improves the Visitor Management Experience

How can mobile visitor management systems benefit your enterprise? Discover some of the primary benefits of mobility in a visitor management system.

Security in the Workplace Needs to Focus on Prevention

Does your enterprise have both strategic security measures and an effective security plan? Understand the necessity of a security plan and how to implement one at your enterprise by reading Veristream’s latest blog.

Top Technology Trends in Modern Office Management

How are you inspiring innovation and implementing efficiency at your enterprise? In this post, Veristream introduces hot technology trends that will allow you and your enterprise to remain relevant and efficient.

Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers

New Generation of Visitor Management Systems for Building Owners and Managers Building owners and managers of corporate enterprise and multi-tenant commercial properties face some real challenges when it comes to finding the most efficient, reliable and cost-effective solutions to access and visitor management security. In today‚Äôs security-conscious workplace environments, there is no single, cookie-cutter approach…
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Take-away for Enterprises after the Belgium Attack

We live in an era that calls for a new level of security. After deadly attacks occur, our sense of protection is shaken. In this post, Veristream reinforces the need for visitor management practices to be taken more seriously, in a manner that restores the value of protection and security.

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