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hospital security plan

Establishing a Comprehensive Hospital Security Plan

Hospital Security Plan Most people outside of the physical security and healthcare fields don’t realize the increased levels of criminal behavior hospitals are exposed to. Institutions meant to be places of peace and healing are actually common targets for crimes like theft and violence. Security technology plays an increasingly significant role at healthcare facilities today…
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How Are Barcodes Used in Visitor Management?

What are the best and most effective ways to utilize barcodes within your visitor management system? Read more about this efficient and effective technology:

Lobby Design Should be About Security

Don’t sacrifice security for an appealing aesthetic. Discover how to optimize your lobby design in order to maintain equality and efficiency in both appeal and security at your enterprise.

Does Your Organization Need a Visitor Policy?

What visitor policies do you have established at your enterprise? Learn the major elements needed within your visitor policy in order to ensure proper employee and visitor safety.

Are All Your Visitors Authorized to be in Your Building?

How do you identify your visitors at-a-glance? Uncover the advantages of a visitor management system’s badging capabilities, and how you can implement strategies to promote your security goals.

Visitor Management Plans and Protocols

Security Managers: Are Your Visitor Management Plans and Protocols Being Updated Regularly? Many enterprises, multi-tenant office buildings, campuses, and healthcare facilities have an established visitor management protocol for signing in visitors. Documenting visitors to your facility is a crucial part of a solid security plan, and a visitor management system will streamline the process to…
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Visitor Management Logs & Auditing Tools

Maintaining a routine visitor management log can dramatically benefit your entity’s security standards. With the ability to identify the movements of members and guests, businesses are better equipped to both prevent and address various security vulnerabilities

Simplify Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting is a mandatory requirement for all organizations; all enterprises have a legal obligation to adhere to defined statutes and standards ranging from state and Commonwealth legislation to industry codes of practice. These requirements mean that organizations must provide appropriate training and work instructions to contractors and employees in a consistent and timely manner…
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Take-away for Enterprises after the Belgium Attack

We live in an era that calls for a new level of security. After deadly attacks occur, our sense of protection is shaken. In this post, Veristream reinforces the need for visitor management practices to be taken more seriously, in a manner that restores the value of protection and security.

Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management

The Department of Homeland Security Offers Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management and Access Management for Businesses, Commercial Buildings and Enterprises Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has established a list of guidelines for commercial building security based, in part, on the critical need to ensure that no…
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