Category: Regulatory Compliance

Are You Effectively Protecting Your Customers’ PII?

PII is incredibly sought after and susceptible to theft. Protect your customer and employee data with Veristream’s security solutions. Request a free demo at 888-718-0807.

C-TPAT, ITAR, FSMA Compliance with Visitor Management

For companies in many industries, a visitor management system is integral to meeting regulatory compliance—like C-TPAT, OSHA and FSMA—which is the obedience to regulations, guidelines and laws relevant to the business of the company. Noncompliance can result in major penalties for your organization. Below are three types of compliance a visitor management system can help…
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Hospital Security Design Utilizes IAHSS Guidelines

Architects are designing new hospitals with healing, homelike environments and physical security measures built into the planning process, in accordance with new design guidelines developed by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS). The guidelines were established to help security leaders, design professionals, and planning staff address security risks that have historically plagued…
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Updated NIST Compliance Requirements Are Looming

NIST requirements resulting from the new administration will likely result in excess work for IT departments and third-party outsource support.

What is ITAR compliance? Learn the meaning of ITAR, ITAR restrictions and more.

What is ITAR and Will it Affect Your Business?

What is ITAR, and will ITAR restrictions affect your business? Without a comprehensive automated internal compliance program in place, companies that are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) face considerable fines and penalties when violations arise. Maintaining comprehensive visitor records is central to meeting compliance requirements, a task best handled through a visitor…
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Improve Operations with an Electronic Visitor Management Solution

The value of an electronic visitor management system is not something to be overlooked. In this post, Veristream highlights various elements of your workplace that could be neglected apart from a visitor management system.

Visitor Management Simplifies Compliance

How can electronic visitor management reporting transform your enterprise? Learn how electronic visitor management systems can enhance the efficiency and professionalism of your entity.

How Visitor Management Helps Users Every Day

How can a visitor management system benefit your enterprise and your bottom line on a daily basis? Discover the primary means by which a visitor management system can aid your entity today.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Visitor Management System

5 Reasons For a Visitor Management System No matter the size of your facility, it is important to have a visitor management system in place. Making excuses for not having a system in place could actually be to your detriment in the long run. Even with security measures in place, monitoring visitors to your facility is an…
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Foreign Nationals Visitor Tracking Compliance

SaaS is a Secure Way to Untangle the Web of Government Contractors and Foreign Nationals Ex. Government Contractor that must Adhere to DOD Regulations Regarding Foreign Nationals Visitor Tracking The United States government, along with most foreign countries, has a long list of requirements and procedures formulated to control the visits of assigned foreign nationals…
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