Category: Cost Savings

Veristream Smart Buildings

Smart Building Features Add Value While Reducing Operational Costs

Smart cities comprise a broad range of features, but Information Handling Services (IHS) uses the term to describe cities that have deployed or are currently piloting the integration of information, communications, and technology (ICT) solutions across three or more different functional areas of a city. Smart city tech deployments are on the rise, particularly in…
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Automating office tasks productivity

Automating Common Office Tasks Helps Businesses Cut Costs

Every business’s goal is to boost profitability. When a company experiences tight profit margins, the first response is to cut expenses, although it’s not always the shrewdest solution. Cost cutting is arguably the easiest way to improve one’s profit margin, but business owners often overlook alternative approaches that may even be beneficial over the long…
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7 Ways Electronic Visitor Management Systems Save You Money

Improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, reduced supply and administrative costs, and increased physical security are just a few ways an electronic visitor management system (VMS) can improve your bottom line. Learn more about the benefits of VMS and download our free guide to visitor management.

Implementing Visitor Management Easily and Affordably

How simple is it to integrate visitor management into your security strategies? Discover how visitor management systems offer protection for your guests and employees and an affordable means to enhance security.

Online Contractor Induction Module Saves Time and Money

As organizations are transferring their induction process from an in-person event to an online experience, both contractors and organizations are saving money and time. Discover how transforming your induction process can increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Visitor Management Systems: Should You Build or Buy?

Learn more about the hidden insufficiency of building your own in-house visitor management solution, and how an out-of-the-box solution can greatly benefit your enterprise.

Visitor Management Systems Can Save You Money

In what ways are you saving money with a visitor management system? Learn the various ways in which you can put money back into your pocket with an electronic visitor management system.

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