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Only 49% of U.S. Businesses Have a Plan to Address Security Threats

Despite Identified Threats, Less Than Half of U.S. Businesses Have a Plan to Address Visitor and Insider Security Threats As recently as 2000, the mention of security in the business, healthcare and college campus realms conjured images of alarm systems, badge readers and locked doors. Today, logical security in these settings is the rule of…
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Near Field Communications (NFC) Improve Visitor Management

Near Field Communications or NFC, allows mobile devices to link with other devices, through radio waves. Depending on the NFC technology, users either bring two devices in close proximity to one another, or actually touch the devices together to launch the radio communication to share data. Think Apple Pay that allows iPhone users to pay…
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Understanding SAML 2.0

SAML 2.0 and Visitor Management SAML 2.0, or “security assertion markup language”, is an XML based protocol that allows for the exchanging of authentication data between multiple security domains. This part of technology is key to streamlining visitor management processes in multi-tenant buildings, pharmaceutical environments, small businesses, and throughout global corporate enterprises in a secure,…
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Visitor Management NDA

Visitors to Sign a NDA Prior to Access? Many corporations are moving towards having all visitors and contractors sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to arrival at their offices. Requiring visitors to sign NDA’s is good in theory, however it is vital to recognize the challenge it creates when handled manually. Many building security teams already have more…
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Protecting Visitor Data Privacy

Protecting Visitor Data Privacy An important part of visitor management is taking care of the visitors’ needs. Visitors must feel protected as they do business in a remote location whether they are using a hardwired or wireless device. For this reason, an important part of an effective visitor management system is data protection. At Veristream,…
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Data Privacy Laws and Visitor Management Systems

Veristream systems adapt to changing data privacy laws Did you know that legislation now requires you to properly secure the personal information collected during visitor check-in? The benchmark for data privacy laws in the United States comes from the state of Massachusetts according to Practical Law, a Thomson Reuters Legal Solution. While the vast majority…
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