Category: Data Privacy

Visitor Management and Privacy: An Important Balance

How do you plan to counteract the statistically proven increase in armed robberies, intrusions, and other risks associated with physical security? Learn how to utilize your visitor management system to reduce the possibility of an attack on your enterprise.

Convergence of Physical and Logical Systems Improves Security

Hesitant about convergence? Think it will take up too much time, money, and other resources? Discover the benefits convergence can bring to your enterprise and why they outpace the costs.

Are you Cyber Aware?

Cyber Awareness Cyber awareness training is a hot topic for businesses across the world. And, it is no wonder. The number of targeted cyber attacks continues to grow, and the expanse of data that is regularly being compromised is astounding. Just ask Sony. In 2011 when Leon Panetta was before the Senate Armed Services Committee…
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Visitor Security in A Technology Focused World

Say “Goodbye” to manual visitor management systems, and embrace SaaS based VMS systems Our world has gone high-tech. From automated checkouts at grocery stores, to mobile phones that allow us to stay connected 24/7, we have come to expect high-tech experiences everywhere we go. When faced with a low-tech interface, eyebrows are raised in disbelief.…
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Who Needs Visitor Control?

Understanding Why Your Building Needs a Visitor Management System Take a moment and think about all of the office buildings you have entered recently. How many of them employed some type of visitor management system (VMS), whether it be manual login books, or automated systems? What were your impressions of those buildings – those without…
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Protecting Visitor Data Privacy

Protecting Visitor Data Privacy An important part of visitor management is taking care of the visitors’ needs. Visitors must feel protected as they do business in a remote location whether they are using a hardwired or wireless device. For this reason, an important part of an effective visitor management system is data protection. At Veristream,…
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Data Privacy Laws and Visitor Management Systems

Veristream systems adapt to changing data privacy laws Did you know that legislation now requires you to properly secure the personal information collected during visitor check-in? The benchmark for data privacy laws in the United States comes from the state of Massachusetts according to Practical Law, a Thomson Reuters Legal Solution. While the vast majority…
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