Category: Emergency Evacuations

Preparing For a Workplace Security Crisis

It can be invaluable to have a plan, the means, and the knowledge necessary to address a workplace security crisis. Learn the primary elements to have in place before, during, and after an emergency at your enterprise.

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System The most valuable assets of any organization, regardless of size, are the people. Equipment and even facilities can be replaced, but the team members are an invaluable resource that drives innovation, development, marketing, sales, and all the behind-the-scenes needs of the business. In today’s world where heightened security…
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Practices For Better Emergency Evacuation Management

Fires, natural disasters, national emergencies, emergency evacuations…what would you do in one of these situations? No one likes to think about any of these scenarios, but the truth is that being prepared could save lives in any of these situations. This is why every workplace needs a strong evacuation plan. These best practices will help…
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Building Emergency Evacuation

Quick and Efficient Emergency Mass Evacuations The first moments of a threat or other emergency are critical to the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors onsite. Even a short delay in response can result in serious consequences. Mass notification of all individuals in the building, needs to be practiced and scripted. Some emergency situations may…
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