Category: Employee Management

Employee Responsibilities With a Visitor Management System

What is the role of the employee during the visitor management system installation and deployment processes? Learn more about the necessary steps each employee should take in order to fully ensure safety and efficiency for your guests:

Top Technology Trends in Modern Office Management

How are you inspiring innovation and implementing efficiency at your enterprise? In this post, Veristream introduces hot technology trends that will allow you and your enterprise to remain relevant and efficient.

Concerned About Executives Travel Safety

Traveling has become more challenging, more time consuming, and more dangerous. The risk for terror related attacks and other acts of violence, as well as social and political upheavals, and natural disasters can put the lives of your valued employees at risk. Fortunately, there are insurance companies that focus on travel insurance for executives, whether…
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Lost Access Control Cards Can Impact Your Business

Security risks of employees losing their access control cards In today’s corporate world, we all have badges which identify us as an employee, cleared to be in the building. To take it a step further, on Government or otherwise secure (i.e. classified) projects, those badges identify us as someone with the proper clearance to work…
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Enterprise organizations need iSiteAccess

iSiteAccess™ from Veristream is an ideal solution for corporations with multiple properties. Whether facilities are across the street, in a neighboring state, or across the globe, you can increase security while fostering a smooth traveling experience for your employees. Through Veristream’s state-of-the-art SaaS system, your employees can easily travel from location to location, without multiple…
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Easing Burden of Travel for Executives

Business Professional Travel Even with today’s technology, travel is still necessary for many corporate executives. Traveling has become more and more time consuming and challenging, and for individuals that are on the road the majority of the time, it can take a serious physical and emotional toll. Here are ways to help ease the burden…
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