Category: Facility Management

The Essential Building Security Checklist

The Essential Building Security Checklist Veristream’s goal is to increase building security across the world.  It is the responsibility of commercial office properties to take proactive measures to keep employees, tenants, visitors and contractors safe from potential security threats, even if your building has taken the time to put proper security protocols in place, including…
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Building Emergency Evacuation

Quick and Efficient Emergency Mass Evacuations The first moments of a threat or other emergency are critical to the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors onsite. Even a short delay in response can result in serious consequences. Mass notification of all individuals in the building, needs to be practiced and scripted. Some emergency situations may…
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Who Needs Visitor Control?

Understanding Why Your Building Needs a Visitor Management System Take a moment and think about all of the office buildings you have entered recently. How many of them employed some type of visitor management system (VMS), whether it be manual login books, or automated systems? What were your impressions of those buildings – those without…
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Understanding a Building-Wide or Enterprise-Wide Do Not Admit List

Does your building have systems in place to keep unauthorized and unwanted visitors from entering the premises? Learn more about how to streamline access for scheduled visitors and keep your security staff up-to-date with the most recent visitors on your company’s “do not admit” list of barred visitors. A visitor management system is only as…
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A Step-by-Step Security Guide: Building Security

A Step-by-Step Security Guide – building’s security protocols Are you 100% confident in your building’s security protocols? Visitor management, secure access control, points of entry, and much more must be evaluated and adapted to ensure the safety of your tenants. As 2015 nears, now is the ideal time to conduct a security audit of your property.…
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