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hospital security plan

Establishing a Comprehensive Hospital Security Plan

Hospital Security Plan Most people outside of the physical security and healthcare fields don’t realize the increased levels of criminal behavior hospitals are exposed to. Institutions meant to be places of peace and healing are actually common targets for crimes like theft and violence. Security technology plays an increasingly significant role at healthcare facilities today…
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Veristream building automation systems (BAS)

BAS is Taking Over Hospital Building Control

Building automation systems (BASs) have evolved tremendously in recent years. Their newest systems are smarter and more sophisticated than many would have thought possible. BASs monitor and manage HVAC equipment, lighting, and occupancy in hospitals and healthcare facilities. And they do so much more. A BAS performs energy management monitoring and measuring functions Building automation…
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Hospital Security Design Utilizes IAHSS Guidelines

Architects are designing new hospitals with healing, homelike environments and physical security measures built into the planning process, in accordance with new design guidelines developed by the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS). The guidelines were established to help security leaders, design professionals, and planning staff address security risks that have historically plagued…
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Visitor Management For Healthcare

Visitor Management For Healthcare When the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2013 that there were “more than 23,000 significant injuries due to assault at work, and more than 70 percent of those assaults were in healthcare and social service settings,” the Occupational Safety and Health Administration stepped in. Earlier this year, OSHA updated…
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Clinical and Research Healthcare Facilities Create More Welcoming Environments with Visitor Management Systems

Between high-volume traffic and escalated concerns surrounding clinical and research healthcare facilities, it can be challenging to maintain a welcoming environment. In this post, Veristream provides information on the benefits of a visitor management system as it applies to healthcare entities.

Visitor Management Systems Help Open Hospitals to Liberal Visitation Policies

It is better for all patients if they are able to visit with their loved ones often during their stay at the hospital. Ensure that your facility allows these opportunities through an advanced visitor management system.

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