Category: Integration

Convergence of Physical and Logical Systems Improves Security

Hesitant about convergence? Think it will take up too much time, money, and other resources? Discover the benefits convergence can bring to your enterprise and why they outpace the costs.

Mobility Improves the Visitor Management Experience

How can mobile visitor management systems benefit your enterprise? Discover some of the primary benefits of mobility in a visitor management system.

The Difference Between Visitor Management and Access Control

What is the critical difference between visitor management and access control? Discover the major elements that distinguish access control from visitor management and how they complement each other to create a complete, physical security plan.

Create Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management

Discover how you can design a custom, branded multi-location visitor management system for your business with Veristream.

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System The most valuable assets of any organization, regardless of size, are the people. Equipment and even facilities can be replaced, but the team members are an invaluable resource that drives innovation, development, marketing, sales, and all the behind-the-scenes needs of the business. In today’s world where heightened security…
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Visitor Management System with Integrated Web-based Access Control

In order to control the influx of visitors your enterprise receives, a reliable and efficient visitor management system must be established. By integrating visitor management and access control systems into a web-based system, your enterprise can implement better visitor security practices.

Integrating Enterprise Security

In order to integrate an enterprise security platform with its HR and IT platforms, it is imperative that proactive communication between departments is established. In this post, Veristream discusses specific tactics and strategies to implement in order to create, maintain, and execute effective proactive communication at your enterprise.

Strategies for Success when Migrating Security Systems

In order to perform a successful migration, there are various steps and processes to be aware of. From the operational paradigm to preparing for the unexpected, Veristream can help you establish a firm migration plan to advance your visitor management solutions.

Why An Access Management System is Critical

Why An Access Management System is Critical to Your Company’s Building, Office and Data Security As a business owner, healthcare facilities manager or college campus safety administrator, would you provide every employee or student equal access to your  buildings, offices or system applications? Of course not. But how are you sure you’re not doing just…
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Understanding SAML 2.0

SAML 2.0 and Visitor Management SAML 2.0, or “security assertion markup language”, is an XML based protocol that allows for the exchanging of authentication data between multiple security domains. This part of technology is key to streamlining visitor management processes in multi-tenant buildings, pharmaceutical environments, small businesses, and throughout global corporate enterprises in a secure,…
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