Category: Lobby Control

Office Lobby Design Adds Value to a Business in a Variety of Ways

office lobby design Office lobbies make a lasting impression on visitors, especially those who enter your facility for the first time. Your lobby is the first space they see when they enter your facility, which is why it is so important for the lobby to be an impressive and practical space that projects the image…
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The Subtle Benefits of a Visitor Management System

You can only make one first impression. Make it count with the help of a visitor management system. Learn more about the subtle benefits of visitor management for your business.

Lobby Design Should be About Security

Don’t sacrifice security for an appealing aesthetic. Discover how to optimize your lobby design in order to maintain equality and efficiency in both appeal and security at your enterprise.

Top Reasons For a Visitor Management System

5 Reasons For a Visitor Management System No matter the size of your facility, it is important to have a visitor management system in place. Making excuses for not having a system in place could actually be to your detriment in the long run. Even with security measures in place, monitoring visitors to your facility is an…
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Practices For Better Emergency Evacuation Management

Fires, natural disasters, national emergencies, emergency evacuations…what would you do in one of these situations? No one likes to think about any of these scenarios, but the truth is that being prepared could save lives in any of these situations. This is why every workplace needs a strong evacuation plan. These best practices will help…
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Visitor Badging in Commercial Properties

Custom Visitor Badging Options Gone are the days when the name of a visitor to a commercial property is scribbled down on a sticker, or at least, they should be. Old-school visitor badging principles simply cannot stand the test of time, nor do they need to. Workplace violence, roving sales personnel, and individuals that intend…
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Lobby Control Software and Systems

If you are using an access control system in your building, but not a system to manage visitors and vendors, it is time for a security upgrade. Access control systems changed the way that employees enter work establishments, and now secure web-based visitor management systems like iVisitor have revolutionized the way that visitors are checked…
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