Category: Technology

Penetration Testing: Assess Potential Security Vulnerabilities

Learn how penetration testing can benefit and advance your enterprise’s security by identifying and testing possible vulnerabilities.

Integrating Visitor Management into Your Business

How does visitor management play such a vital role in businesses? Veristream discusses the functions and purposes visitor management systems serve and why it is important to consider integrating one into your enterprise.

Mobility Improves the Visitor Management Experience

How can mobile visitor management systems benefit your enterprise? Discover some of the primary benefits of mobility in a visitor management system.

Visitor Management Has Come A Long Way From The Sign In Sheet

Today’s visitor management systems have matured to handle complex integrations with access control systems and other technologies. Learn more about the efficiency and security a visitor management system can bring:

Create Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management

Discover how you can design a custom, branded multi-location visitor management system for your business with Veristream.

Top Technology Trends in Modern Office Management

How are you inspiring innovation and implementing efficiency at your enterprise? In this post, Veristream introduces hot technology trends that will allow you and your enterprise to remain relevant and efficient.

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System

RFID Technology in a Visitor Management System The most valuable assets of any organization, regardless of size, are the people. Equipment and even facilities can be replaced, but the team members are an invaluable resource that drives innovation, development, marketing, sales, and all the behind-the-scenes needs of the business. In today’s world where heightened security…
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Are you Cyber Aware?

Cyber Awareness Cyber awareness training is a hot topic for businesses across the world. And, it is no wonder. The number of targeted cyber attacks continues to grow, and the expanse of data that is regularly being compromised is astounding. Just ask Sony. In 2011 when Leon Panetta was before the Senate Armed Services Committee…
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Company Intelligence Across Multiple Locations

Keep each and every facility organized and maintained with a central visitor management system. No need to worry about complex controls, Veristream can help your enterprise maintain advanced security across your entire enterprise, regardless of the number of facilities.

Visitor Management For Healthcare

Visitor Management For Healthcare When the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2013 that there were “more than 23,000 significant injuries due to assault at work, and more than 70 percent of those assaults were in healthcare and social service settings,” the Occupational Safety and Health Administration stepped in. Earlier this year, OSHA updated…
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