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How an iPad can Improve Your Building’s Security

iPads and other tablets are a part of everyday life; they can improve efficiency in a professional environment, as well as at home. And now, they can play an essential part in your building’s visitor management while enhancing existing security protocols of the facility. When used in conjunction with Veristream solutions, iPads play an integral role…
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Streamline Check In With a Visitor Kiosk

Streamline Check In with Self-Service Visitor Management Kiosks Visitor management in a multi-tenant environment can be a challenge. During periods of high visitor traffic, with a traditional visitor management system, delays are inevitable. In addition, during these periods where all hands are focused on processing visitors properly, the building can be at a greater security…
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Visitor Management NDA

Visitors to Sign a NDA Prior to Access? Many corporations are moving towards having all visitors and contractors sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to arrival at their offices. Requiring visitors to sign NDA’s is good in theory, however it is vital to recognize the challenge it creates when handled manually. Many building security teams already have more…
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Visitor Management & Check In For iPads

Visitor Security Software for the iPad Takes a Leap Forward No longer are networked computers or kiosks necessary; SaaS visitor management systems allow the flexibility that many buildings and facilities require today. Visitor management systems, including Veristream’s iVisitor and BreezN allow security personnel at the reception area, in parking facilities, or other designated areas, to use…
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Lobby Control Software and Systems

If you are using an access control system in your building, but not a system to manage visitors and vendors, it is time for a security upgrade. Access control systems changed the way that employees enter work establishments, and now secure web-based visitor management systems like iVisitor have revolutionized the way that visitors are checked…
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Visitor Security in A Technology Focused World

Say “Goodbye” to manual visitor management systems, and embrace SaaS based VMS systems Our world has gone high-tech. From automated checkouts at grocery stores, to mobile phones that allow us to stay connected 24/7, we have come to expect high-tech experiences everywhere we go. When faced with a low-tech interface, eyebrows are raised in disbelief.…
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The Essential Building Security Checklist

The Essential Building Security Checklist Veristream’s goal is to increase building security across the world.  It is the responsibility of commercial office properties to take proactive measures to keep employees, tenants, visitors and contractors safe from potential security threats, even if your building has taken the time to put proper security protocols in place, including…
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Green, paperless electronic badging

Paperless Badging Not all web-based visitor management systems leverage today’s technology to allow for truly efficient and expedited visitor check-in processes. In fact, many web-based visitor management systems still rely on traditional printed badges for their visitors. In high-volume environments, such as a high-rise multi-tenant building, visitor badge printing can become a costly and time-consuming…
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Transition From Written Visitor Log Book to iVisitor

Seamless transition to SaaS visitor management implementation The transition to new systems and security protocols can be daunting for facility managers, security teams, tenants and employees. However, with these 6 tips, you can streamline your building’s transition from a manual log book, to a state-of-the-art visitor management system with iVisitor from Veristream. 1. Notify employees,…
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Protecting Visitor Data Privacy

Protecting Visitor Data Privacy An important part of visitor management is taking care of the visitors’ needs. Visitors must feel protected as they do business in a remote location whether they are using a hardwired or wireless device. For this reason, an important part of an effective visitor management system is data protection. At Veristream,…
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