Category: Traveling Employees

Managing Traveling Employee Security and Duty of Care Concerns

Learn how you can better protect your business with visitor management and access control technology from the security experts at Veristream. Call us today at 888-718-0807 for a free demo of our security solutions.

Concerned About Executives Travel Safety

Executives Travel Safety Traveling has become more challenging, more time consuming, and more dangerous. The risk for terror related attacks and other acts of violence, as well  as social and political upheavals, and natural disasters,  can put the lives of your valued employees at risk. Fortunately, there are insurance companies that focus on travel insurance…
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Office Hoteling & Space Management

Office Hoteling & Space Management Office hoteling is not a new concept; in fact it has been around since the early 1990s. Today, it continues to grow in popularity with corporate enterprises that are seeking to be more efficient with real estate and other expenditures. The concept is that corporations can reduce their real estate…
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Easing Burden of Travel for Executives

Business Professional Travel Even with today’s technology, travel is still necessary for many corporate executives. Traveling has become more and more time consuming and challenging, and for individuals that are on the road the majority of the time, it can take a serious physical and emotional toll. Here are ways to help ease the burden…
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