Category: Visitor Badging

Choosing the Right Technologies for High-Security Badges

Are your ID badges completely customized to meet your enterprise’s specific security needs? In this post, Veristream discusses a wide variety of ways to customize your ID badges in order to ensure security at your enterprise.

Are All Your Visitors Authorized to be in Your Building?

How do you identify your visitors at-a-glance? Uncover the advantages of a visitor management system’s badging capabilities, and how you can implement strategies to promote your security goals.

Branding Your Visitor Management Kiosk & System

In what ways are you creating a memorable experience for your visitors? Learn how Veristream can help you use your visitor management system to its fullest potential through branding and increased consumer awareness.

Create Custom Multi-Location Visitor Management

Discover how you can design a custom, branded multi-location visitor management system for your business with Veristream.

Visitor Management ID Badge Solutions

Choosing the Right Visitor ID Badge for Your Facility The functionality and design of visitor ID badges vary from one organization to the next, depending on each organization’s unique security needs. Each entity’s specific goals, values, and needs are reflected in their use and design of a visitor ID badge or pass. The visitor ID…
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Lost Access Control Cards Can Impact Your Business

Security risks of employees losing their access control cards In today’s corporate world, we all have badges which identify us as an employee, cleared to be in the building. To take it a step further, on Government or otherwise secure (i.e. classified) projects, those badges identify us as someone with the proper clearance to work…
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Are Your Visitor Badges Just Adequate?

Learn How To Increase Premises Security With Customized Visitor Badges Today, a visitor badge simply must include more than just the visitor’s name. Security teams and employees on site must be able to quickly distinguish visitors from employees, and of course from individuals that are not authorized to be onsite. With only a name appearing…
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Visitor Logs, Proxy Cards, and Kiosks

Elements Of Visitor Management Keeping a facility secure from outside threats is essential. In the post 9-11 world, most facilities have upgraded their security protocols to include extra security personnel, video monitoring, and even put barricades around the perimeter of the property. Unfortunately, however, many have still not updated the security protocols for visitors. Handwritten visitor…
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iVisitor Self-Service Kiosk Options

iVisitor is the visitor management system of choice for the largest high-rise multi-tenant office buildings in the country, including the Willis Tower in Chicago. At the Willis Tower, over 2,000 visitors come through the door each day, and prior to the deployment of iVisitor, managing visitors was a challenge. This is not uncommon for multi-tenant…
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What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors?

What Type of Badge Does Your Facility Use for Visitors? Sticky paper badges and a magic marker were once the go-to option for visitor badges. Fortunately, technology and ingenuity has provided dramatic improvements to that system. Now that visitor management has gone the way of a software as a service with Veristream’s iVisitor, customized printed…
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