Category: Visitor Check-In

Office Lobby Design Adds Value to a Business in a Variety of Ways

office lobby design Office lobbies make a lasting impression on visitors, especially those who enter your facility for the first time. Your lobby is the first space they see when they enter your facility, which is why it is so important for the lobby to be an impressive and practical space that projects the image…
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How Are Barcodes Used in Visitor Management?

What are the best and most effective ways to utilize barcodes within your visitor management system? Read more about this efficient and effective technology:

Visitor Checkout is Just as Important as Check-In

Are you willing to risk the safety of your employees, property, and visitors simply by neglecting the importance of checkout? Read Veristream’s latest blog discussing a few simple ways to begin emphasizing the importance of checkout at your enterprise.

Creating a User-Friendly Visitor Management System

Discover various ways to create a user-friendly and efficient visitor management system that meets the needs of your business, including compliance and data management.

Create a Branding Experience with Your Visitor Management Kiosk and System

In what ways are you creating a memorable experience for your visitors? Learn how Veristream can help you use your visitor management system to its fullest potential through branding and increased consumer awareness.

How to Streamline Your Check-in Process

Learn how visitor management systems can streamline your check-in process and improve efficiency:

Six-Second Visitor Management Check-in Process

A Quick Check-in Process Keeps Visitors Moving and Happy As more enterprise businesses and multi-tenant office buildings turn to visitor management systems to streamline the visitor check-in process, six seconds is the time frame to beat. If your enterprise lobby is a high traffic zone, you know the headaches of a packed lobby and a slow-moving…
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BarCode Check-In/Check-Out

Benefits of a Barcode Check-In/Check-Out Barcode check-in/check-out solution is the ultimate scanning and tracking technology that can be used to protect your company’s most valuable assets. The system can be used to record and track the specific time different items were borrowed, returned, and taken by whom. As a result, visitor management, rental applications, file…
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Near Field Communications (NFC) Improve Visitor Management

Near Field Communications or NFC, allows mobile devices to link with other devices, through radio waves. Depending on the NFC technology, users either bring two devices in close proximity to one another, or actually touch the devices together to launch the radio communication to share data. Think Apple Pay that allows iPhone users to pay…
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Are Your Visitor Badges Just Adequate?

Learn How To Increase Premises Security With Customized Visitor Badges Today, a visitor badge simply must include more than just the visitor’s name. Security teams and employees on site must be able to quickly distinguish visitors from employees, and of course from individuals that are not authorized to be onsite. With only a name appearing…
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