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Preparing For a Workplace Security Crisis

It can be invaluable to have a plan, the means, and the knowledge necessary to address a workplace security crisis. Learn the primary elements to have in place before, during, and after an emergency at your enterprise.

Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management

The Department of Homeland Security Offers Security Guidelines Incorporating Visitor Management and Access Management for Businesses, Commercial Buildings and Enterprises Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has established a list of guidelines for commercial building security based, in part, on the critical need to ensure that no…
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Workplace Violence and Disgruntled Ex-Employees

Violence in the workplace is a serious concern for security teams, HR personnel, and employees alike. Disgruntled terminated employees may try to seek revenge through violence against co-workers or destruction of property. In today’s world, keeping employees and tenants safe must be a top priority for facilities staff. Recent incidences of workplace violence have spanned…
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The Roaming Sales Person

The Challenge of Roaming Sales Personnel – Watch Lists Visitor management is a challenge for large enterprise corporations, small businesses, and multi-tenant environments alike. Tracking visitors and contractors without a visitor management system is inefficient and can also present a risk to building security. One of the biggest challenges facing facilities management teams today is…
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Understanding a Building-wide or Enterprise-wide Do Not Admit List

Does your building have systems in place to keep unauthorized and unwanted visitors from entering the premises? Learn more about how to streamline access for scheduled visitors and keep your security staff up-to-date with the most recent visitors on your company’s “do not admit” list of barred visitors. A visitor management system is only as…
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