Choosing the Right Security Badge Design

Choosing the Right Security Badge Design

security badge design, visitor badge printersThe Right Technology For Your Security Badge Designs

When it comes to high-security visitor management ID badges that meet your organization’s specific security and compliance needs, there are many excellent technology options available.

The number of ID badge designs your organization needs will determine what type of card printer is required, or whether you should have cards printed by a third-party vendor.

  • If you plan to print a high volume of cards, or if your enterprise needs to print cards throughout the year, you should consider an in-house, high-security card printing solution.
  • If you need a small number of high-security badges or cards that only need to be printed once or twice a year, a third-party custom card printing service may be the more cost-effective option.

Furthermore, the number of different areas within your organization that will interact with the cards and the varying levels of security clearance needed will also dictate your options. Some high-security badges are required to comply with government regulations, so check your compliance requirements to make sure the ID badges you select meet those regulations.

High-Security ID Badge Technologies

Overlaminate Holographics
High-security hologram designs help reduce vulnerability for counterfeiting. Incorporating holographic security elements, which are difficult to forge and easy to authenticate, offer the highest level of visually secure ID badge design. Options for every budget and need range from basic elements, such as a simple hologram foil, to sophisticated, custom-designed holographic overlaminates. Holographic foils and images, similar to those found on credit cards, are applied to an ID card’s surface or embedded below its surface for added security. You can choose from an off-the-shelf holographic design, or a custom design for added security and brand enhancement.

UV Ribbon Cards
UV ribbons print with “invisible” ink that is only observable under UV light. A UV ribbon can create custom invisible text, print your company logo on the cards and even duplicate the cardholder’s photo. Typically, UV printing is used by organizations that require a higher level of security, such as the military or other government agencies. Many of today’s ID printers are capable of printing with a UV ribbon. If you’re not sure about your printer’s UV ribbon capability, your visitor management security consultant can help you make the determination. If not, you will need to purchase a UV ribbon capable printer.

Contact Veristream today to learn more about our high-security badge options and complete security solutions for your business or enterprise. Call us at 888-718-0807 or complete our online form to request your free demo.

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