Healthcare Facilities Create Welcoming Lobbies w/ Visitor Management

Healthcare Facilities Create Welcoming Lobbies w/ Visitor Management

Clinical and Research Healthcare Facilities Create More Welcoming Environments with Visitor Management Systems

Visitor-Management-in-Healthcare-facilitiesSpecific concerns for clinical and research healthcare facilities include workplace violence prevention, restricting access to medications and managing patient safety. On the research side, managing security for labs, chemical or nuclear materials and portable device and data security is critical; however, security should not inhibit collaboration.

By using visitor management kiosks in hospital lobbies for Healthcare, research staff can pre-register visitors and collaborators. They will receive a pre-registration email with instructions on where to go and how to get badged. Visitors for clinical or research departments can scan their driver’s license at the kiosk. The kiosk will print a barcoded badge on the spot, enabling access to specified floors via a barcode-operated elevator.

Lobby security officers can verify badges to allow access, which creates an open and welcoming environment.

Large healthcare systems with multiple hospitals and ancillary office buildings across multiple states require visitor management services. Each facility undergoes individual hospital security assessments to identify unique vulnerabilities, interview employees, look at area crime statistics and make overall recommendations to suit each facility.

Not-for-profit healthcare systems sometimes have a harder time getting proactive funding for security. This makes a security management system more desirable since it is affordable; it does not require hiring additional security officers, and gives existing security staff the ability to shift from one department to another depending on need.

Hospitals also deal with numerous mental health patients appearing in emergency departments. In many healthcare facilities staff in high-risk departments, as well as security officers, are now trained in workplace violence (CPI training) to know what to look for in terms of escalation, how to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation, know when to call for assistance and when to get out of harm’s way.

The Delicate Balance of Hospital Lobby Security

Hospitals strive to retain a fine balance between providing an open and welcoming environment for visitors and patients, while having security measures in place to protect people and property. With the constant, high-volume flow of people passing through their lobbies for various reasons – a doctor’s appointment, a visit to a clinic or lab, visiting a friend or relative, medical and pharmaceutical sales vendors, deliveries, and employees moving from area to area, entering and exiting from numerous entrances – it can be nearly impossible to effectively manage all of this activity without taking away some of the facility’s welcoming environment. But, options like visitor management systems go a long way in providing an efficient and effective protocol to maximize security without impeding visitor services.

Hospital security is always a work in progress; it requires continuous adaptation to keep pace with changing times and technologies. However, the only way a hospital can fail at implementing an effective security program is by failing to try.

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