Company Intelligence Across Multiple Locations

Company Intelligence Across Multiple Locations

Enterprise Visitor Intelligence

Many enterprises support facilities in dozens or even hundreds of cities worldwide. Manual collection and administration of visitor management information in each of these locations is a time consuming process, involving possibly hundreds of man-hours each week, subject to delays and mistakes. A single, robust web-based visitor management system in one central location can capture all information from all locations quickly and efficiently.

Enterprise-Integration-SecurityHaving a secure and efficient method for capturing information from thousands of visitors across multiple locations means business owners and facilities managers can view up-to-date visitor management data in real time at the click of a button and run easy-to-read reports in minutes, by location, region or across the entire organization.

Capture Information on Every Visitor at Every Location

Visitor management software can capture information on every visitor who enters any facility, records how many times an individual visitor has visited a location and how long their visits lasted during any given time period (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually).

Monitor and Audit Employee Visitors

We can report on how many visits guests, employees or company officials have had over any given time period (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually) at any location. This level of corporate intelligence gathering can help enterprises identify possible fraud and other potentially illegal activities consistently and thoroughly.

Monitor and Audit Vendors and Contractors

A robust visitor management system can report on the time vendors and contractors from one or more companies enter, reside, and leave any one of your facilities. For large, multi-location enterprises with hundreds of contractors and vendors coming and going daily, the ability to report on all workers who accessed one of your facilities and the hours they worked over the past seven days can help enterprises audit and monitor expenses such as overtime logged, contractor licenses and performance records, and thus save their business’ money.

Built for global companies with multiple locations – local or around the world – iVisitor Enterprise can collect data from one building (or one thousand), track every visitor at every facility quickly and seamlessly and provide full audit trails that enable enterprises to stay compliant with local and federal standards.

All-inclusive Visitor Management Services

Visitor management provides real-time web registration, badging and tracking capabilities, which are key to maintaining a secure environment in every location. A robust visitor management system is the best way to spot abuses at any location, and manage traffic to and from a facility more efficiently than you ever thought possible.

By integrating a visitor management system with an access control system, enterprises can easily verify who is on the premises at any given time at all locations, create audit trails, maintain compliance and meet regulatory policies and procedures. In fact, the benefits of a web-based visitor management system are many; they provide the kind of corporate intelligence gathering that every multi-tenant, multi-location enterprise needs to stay on top of each and every facility, from just one central dashboard.

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