Custom Visitor Badges Increase Security

Custom Visitor Badges Increase Security

How You Can Increase Security With Custom Visitor Badges

Today, a visitor badge simply must include more than just the visitor’s name. Security teams and employees on site must be able to quickly distinguish visitors from employees, and of course from individuals that are not authorized to be onsite. With only a name appearing on a handwritten or printed badge, there simply is not enough information to protect the facility and the authorized individuals on the premises.

So what is the answer? Printed visitor badges that are customized for your building or enterprise’s specific security needs. Here are some ideas on the information to include on a customized visitor badge, and how it can increase security.


You can elect to include a photo on the printed badge for each visitor and contractor. The photo can be taken with a webcam at the time the visitor checks in for their appointment. This is of great benefit, as the badge will show what the visitor is wearing, on the day they are onsite.

Host Name

Underneath the photo and the name of the visitor, you can elect to print the name of the visitor’s host. This is particularly helpful in multi-tenant environments or in large enterprise facilities where visitors may be tempted to stray and wander the property. Your security team can quickly identify if a visitor is “off course” and direct them to the proper destination.

Authorized Access

A custom visitor badge can also indicate where the visitor is authorized to be within the building. For example, in a multi-tenant building, the badge can indicate they are only authorized to go to the 11th floor, where their meeting is scheduled. Sales professionals are notorious for gaining access to a multi-tenant building, and then before or after their scheduled appointment, visiting other tenants in the building to solicit for business. Having a badge printed with where they are authorized to be, can help dissuade this type of wandering.

Legal Warning

In addition to printing areas of authorized access on a visitor badge, you can elect to place a legal warning indicating that if they are found in areas of the property they are not authorized to access, they can be prosecuted. This again helps to dissuade visitors from attempting to gain access to other parts of the building.

Date and Time of Appointment

In some facilities, it may be important to limit the amount of time that the visitor badge is valid. Unfortunately, some individuals may attempt to reuse a badge from a previous visit; when the date and time of their authorized visit is clearly printed on the badge, security personnel can quickly verify they are visiting at an appropriate date.

Building Logo

In addition to information on the visitor, custom visitor badges can include information about the property, including the building or corporation’s logo. This too can help security teams to quickly identify individuals onsite, that have gained access through proper channels.

Of course, custom visitor badges for visitors when done manually, is too time consuming to even consider. But with an SaaS visitor management system from Veristream, it is seamless, efficient, and increases the security of the property. For more information visit for more information on how our solutions increase building security while improving the accuracy and efficiency of visitor management processes.

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