Elements of an Effective Visitor Management System

Elements of an Effective Visitor Management System

Visitor management System

What is an Effective Visitor Management System?

Managing visitors at any business or enterprise is critical to establishing effective security and risk management measures. An effective Visitor Management System will be able to confirm every visitor’s identification, establish what areas of the facility they are authorized to enter, confirm who they came to see and monitor where on the premises they are at any given moment. Effective visitor management also includes the capabilities to perform security checks, access authorization, check-in/check-out, credential printing, centralized reporting and audit trail functions. Embedded workflow capabilities should incorporate visitor approvals, notifications, delegated administration, reminders and the ability to compile other relevant information about a visitor that may impact the particulars of their visit or the safety of your facility.

The main elements of every successful visitor management system include:

1. Centrally defined and managed guidelines and protocols

Centralizing the policies of an organization’s Visitor Management System is crucial in effectively protecting employees, property, and sensitive data. All policies and procedures involving visitor management needs to be centrally defined and automated throughout the visitor’s affiliation with the business or enterprise. Visitor management protocols can be established through a pre-registration process before a planned visit, when the visitor’s ID and information is collected, and continues through the required security or background checks prior to their arrival. Effective visitor management services also include an approval process for unescorted access, notifications and reminders.

Visitor management doesn’t end with the visit; any impact their presence might have on your facility can last for days after they check-out. Businesses must track all stages of a visitor’s association with the organization to ensure that preparation and follow-up responsibilities are performed according to established policies. An effective Visitor Management System also confirms that every detail of a visit complies with the access policies put in place by the organization.

2. Integration of visitor data with other facility systems

Visitor Management Systems and policies need to be consistent and conform to other access and management control systems within the organization. Assimilating your Visitor Management System with your company’s existing security and management systems assures that all visitors granted access are managed uniformly.

By integrating your Visitor Management System with your facility’s physical access control and logical security systems – this includes human resource management systems (HRMS), identity management systems (IDMS), Active Directory, external watch list databases and training systems for real-time background checks, your organization can ensure visitor information is thoroughly checked and confirmed to establish effective identity management and security.

3. User-friendly, easy to maintain functionality

The simpler to use and maintain a Visitor Management System is, the better able it is to meet the demands of an organization, whether it’s a local business or a global enterprise. At registration, a visitor must enter their ID (driver’s license, business card, passport, etc.) in the visitor management’s scanning equipment, which will then capture a photo of the visitor and deliver a temporary ID badge to wear onsite.

To function successfully, Visitor Management Systems should be fully scalable in order to expand with a growing company and adapt to the organization’s changing needs. Thorough, attentive implementation of multiple functions can make certain that your Visitor Management System integrates well with your organization’s total identity management system and is centralized and unified with a wide spectrum of operations and related systems.

Incorporating an effective visitor management program is a critical part of your broad-based identity management system, ensuring the required level of attention to visitors and the potential risk they represent. Good security requires attention to – and integration of – every detail into a system-wide approach that leaves nothing to chance.


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