Enterprise organizations need iSiteAccess

Enterprise organizations need iSiteAccess

iSiteAccess from Veristream is an ideal solution for corporations with multiple properties. Whether facilities are across the street, in a neighboring state, or across the globe, you can increase security while fostering a smooth traveling experience for your employees. Through Veristream’s state-of-the-art SaaS system, your employees can easily travel from location to location, without multiple proxy cards.


Here are the top 5 reasons enterprise corporations need iSiteAccess™.

1. Ease the Burden of Travel. Let’s face it, today; travel is not easy or enjoyable. Between baggage restrictions, over-booked planes, travel delays, and security concerns, road warriors are challenged on a regular basis. When you send an employee to another facility, you want them to arrive refreshed, and ready to work, and anything you can do to facilitate that, will increase productivity once the employee is onsite. Some of the things you can do to help travelling employees includes hiring an internal travel coordinator, building in rest periods at the destination for international travelers, upgraded hotel facilities, reserved office space, paperless badging for entry to facilities, and reducing the number of access control cards that must be carried.

2. Paperless Badging. As referenced above, paperless badging is a great way to ease the burden of travel. When your employees pre-register their visit to an offsite campus facility, they will receive an email with a barcode that will allow them entry to the building. Depending on the security protocols, this badge can be used for just one site visit, or can be extended to cover the timespan they will be onsite.

3. Advance Coordination and Preparation. A key part of iSiteAccess is the preregistration of visitors. Not only does the preregistration allow for paperless or customized visitor badges, but also allows for the receiving facility to properly prepare for the visitor. One frustration that many executives face while traveling is a lack of dedicated office or desk space when they arrive. With iSiteAccess, the host is notified in advance of their arrival, and can make proper preparations to accommodate the traveling employee.

4. Real-Time Do Not Admit Lists. One of the security challenges corporations with multiple facilities face, is keeping out individuals that may intend to disrupt operations, or do harm to the employees onsite. A common problem is that information of an employee termination typically trickles down through the organization, and often isn’t disseminated in a timely manner, particularly to other locations. If a disgruntled employee arrives at a facility where they have often visited, they are may granted access, creating a security threat. iSiteAccess helps to stop this security challenge through its Do Not Admit and Watch Lists that are updated in real time. So, when an employee is terminated, the HR department can immediately update the Do Not Admit List, and each facility with iSiteAccess™ will have the pertinent information to bar the disgruntled employee.

5. Real-Time Evacuation Lists. In the event of an emergency, it can be difficult to determine the number of individual’s onsite. This is particularly true with visitors and contractors. With iSiteAccess, an evacuation list can be retrieved from any device connected to the Internet; this is invaluable information in the event of an emergency situation. In addition to having the information of who is onsite, the contact names and mobile phone numbers are also accessible.

iSiteAccess™ helps organizations with multiple facilities effectively manage traveling employees check-in and check-out processes, improve security, and so much more.

For more information on iSiteAccess™ and other Veristream security solutions, visit www.veristream.com.


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