Existing Security for Visitor Management

Existing Security for Visitor Management

Leveraging Existing Security for Visitor Management

Many businesses today are hesitant to explore all of their options when it comes to visitor management. The reasons vary; however, the objections are normally focused on upfront and recurring costs, integration with existing systems, and the time it takes to deploy a new system. These are valid objections for some types of visitor management. However, with an SaaS visitor management system such as iVisitor, these objections aren’t part of the equation.

Existing-Security-MeasuresFor corporate offices and multi-tenant buildings, existing security systems and protocols can be integrated into Veristream’s iVisitor and iSiteAccess, seamlessly. These two SaaS visitor management systems can be deployed in just minutes, as no specific hardware or resident software is required. Veristream will also work with your security integrator to integrate iVisitor with your building’s existing access control system. Existing security protocols and systems will not be negatively affected or out of service during the transition. In fact, lobby control systems such as iVisitor and iSiteAccess relieve the burden on security personnel, and streamline visitor check-in and processing.

Visitor management systems/software such as iVisitor and iSiteAccess provide a secure online portal where the host of the visitor pre-registers the appointment. When the visitor arrives onsite, they present their state issued identification card to security personnel for scanning and verification of their appointment. In the event they have not been scheduled in the system, they will be denied access until their intended host verifies an appointment. Additionally, if their name appears on the building’s watch list or do not admit list, they can be denied entry, or an escort may be required, to uphold building security protocols.

This is the ideal type of scenario for buildings to leverage their existing security systems and protocols. Veristream also offers additional solutions to increase your building’s security and visitor management process. For example, if a building is seeking a lobby control system to relieve security personnel from checking in visitors, Veristream offers self-service kiosks for lobby placement. Instead of checking in at the security desk, visitors scan their identification, their appointment is verified, and if desired, a badge is printed which can grant access through the lobby turnstiles, and the visitor is free to enter the building. Any un-registered visitors will be directed onscreen to visit the security/reception desk for additional assistance.

Building security teams love these automated systems, and so do hosts. Through the secure online portal, a host can pre-register his or her visitors, run reports of past visitors to their site, update in real time the building’s watch list or do not admit list, and much more. One of the features many hosts appreciate is that when the visitor checks in through the desk, or the kiosk, they are immediately notified via text or email to allow for proper preparation for their arrival.

The first impression starts in the lobby; it is more about just the cleanliness and beauty of the building, it is also about ease at which entry can be gained. Buildings still utilizing manual types of visitor management systems can suffer serious backups at the check-in point during high traffic times. Veristream’s products are designed to increase screening while decreasing the time spent checking visitors into the facility.

When considering the best options for lobby control and visitor management for your building, compare features from Veristream. The system can be deployed quickly, and integrates with existing security systems in the building while increasing onsite security.

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