Four Physical Security Areas That Matter Most

Four Physical Security Areas That Matter Most

Physical Security TechnologiesAdvances in physical security technology are developing at a tremendous rate. However, there is an urgent need for proactive physical security measures in commercial buildings and federal agencies that are regularly neglected. The focus nationwide on cybersecurity is certainly valid, but physical security should not take a back seat.

Emerging physical security technologies including visitor management, access management, video surveillance and physical security information management (PSIM) continue to improve safety nationwide. Physical security is about the safety of employees, visitors, yourself and your property.

Primary Physical Security Technologies

Security threats often vary from one business to the next, so deciding on the right solution may be challenging to someone who isn’t in the security industry. Corporation and government security leaders should ­­­­­­­focus on four major areas of physical security before putting any other security measures in place, including:

  1. Physical Access Control. Visitor management and access management dynamically control access to a building’s interior space in real time and provide situational awareness throughout the facility from a centralized control station. The visitor management system also administers compliance management and other automated tasks.
  2. Intrusion and Perimeter Security. Just like it sounds, intrusion and perimeter security are designed to secure the property outside of a facility with gates, fences, guard facilities, certain landscape techniques and other means.
  3. Video Surveillance. What most people think of first regarding physical security is video surveillance. There has been a steady departure from the old school analog cameras in recent years to high definition IP-based systems, which are fast becoming the standard. There is also marked growth in advanced video analytics technologies.
  4. Physical Security Information Management (PSIM). PSIM is a broad term that refers to integrating independent or disparate security systems with centralized systems for better situational awareness and critical response logic.

Businesses and security teams must address these basic areas before purchasing a new system, especially when budget limitations can have a significant impact on how a company optimizes its security.

Speak to an Expert

Most important, make sure those four areas of physical security are covered first and foremost for the safety of your staff, your visitors and yourself. Talk to your security integrator to determine your needs based on your existing systems and other factors. If you need to speak to a professional about enhancing your physical security, the team at Veristream is available. Contact us today at 888-718-0807 to schedule a demo of our products, or to discuss integration and enhancement processes with our professional staff.

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