Green, paperless electronic badging

Green, paperless electronic badging

Paperless Badging

Not all web-based visitor management systems leverage today’s technology to allow for truly efficient and expedited visitor check-in processes. In fact, many web-based visitor management systems still rely on traditional printed badges for their visitors. In high-volume environments, such as a high-rise multi-tenant building, visitor badge printing can become a costly and time-consuming process to manage.

Technology today supports moving towards a green system that still maintains a higher-level of security, while expediting visitor arrivals. iVisitor proudly offers paperless badging for visitors. iVisitor’s paperless badging feature is environmentally friendly, quick, efficient, and secure.

iVisitor’s automated system allows visitors to access your building using a personalized barcode directly from their smartphone.  No printing is necessary, which means less time and money spent on printing supplies. In addition, your team can spend more time focusing on building security, and less time configuring printers and loading badge rolls. And, since iVisitor integrates with building access control systems, this barcode can also be used at visitor turnstiles to gain entry past the lobby.

With iVisitor’s paperless badging feature, when a visitor is pre-registered by their host, the visitor will be emailed a digitally generated and personalized barcode in advance of their appointment. For security purposes, this barcode is valid only for the duration of the registered visit. Visitors will not be able to access the premises outside of the valid dates of their registered appointment.

When a visitor arrives at an iVisitor self-service kiosk, the visitor simply scans his or her government-issued ID and the unique barcode that was emailed to them. iVisitor verifies that the barcode is valid, and screens against the building’s Barred Visitors List. If the visitor is a contractor, Certificate of Insurance validity is verified as well. The visitor will then be prompted to follow the steps in an intuitive check-in process on the visitor kiosk screen. Here, they will be able to quickly confirm their visit details and also review and accept any type of building NDA agreements or rules and procedures in place for visitors, if necessary. Once they’ve confirmed their information, the visitor will receive a Success! message, welcoming them to your building and directing them to the turnstile for entry. The barcode on their smartphone or tablet will be scanned at the turnstile, and entry granted.

If a visitor attempts to check-in at the iVisitor kiosk with an expired or invalid barcode, he or she will be directed to go to the reception area or security area for further assistance. Visitors will also be directed to security reception in the event they appear on the Barred Visitors list, or if they are a contractor with an expired Certificate of Insurance on file.

In addition to paperless badging, iVisitor offers many additional benefits to building personnel. Tenants can query personalized reports of visitors, generate Fire Lists in the event of an emergency evacuation, update the Barred Visitor list in real time, and receive text and email notifications of their visitor’s arrival.  Paperless badging is simply one additional way that iVisitor makes your building’s visitor check-in process seamless and secure.

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