How Are Barcodes Used in Visitor Management?

How Are Barcodes Used in Visitor Management?

BarcodeAlthough we use barcodes frequently, few of us ever give much thought to how valuable they are. Since their use began in supermarket checkouts in the 1970’s, barcodes have applications everywhere. But how can we use them in visitor management?

Visitor Sign In And Sign Out

Most commonly, barcodes used in visitor management systems check visitors into and out of a building. When a guest arrives at a facility, the visitor management software produces an ID badge or pass with a unique barcode. That barcode logs an audit trail of the visitor’s movements in the system’s database, where the information is safely and securely stored.

Employee Sign In And Sign Out

Barcodes offer the simplest (and possibly least expensive) option for employees to scan in or out of the workplace while logging that information for immediate and long-term reference. In fact, barcodes are used for this purpose worldwide. New Zealand even places a barcode on driver’s licenses, allowing most employees to use their driver’s license for workplace check-in and check-out, as well as tracking.

Although not all countries have a universal barcode, like New Zealand, it may be a consideration for the future. In the U.S., the PDF417 – a stacked linear barcode symbol format used in a variety of applications, primarily transport, identification cards, and inventory management – is the only barcode type approved by the Department of Homeland Security for Real ID-compliant driver’s licenses. This is, in part, because a PDF417 barcode can store a plethora of information – almost everything on the front of a driver’s license is stored in the barcode.

Evacuation Reports

ID cards and visitor badges issued by an organization to everyone who checks into the building – visitors, employees, contractors and vendors – is perhaps the simplest and most accurate way to develop a comprehensive and immediate evacuation list in case of an emergency. With this method, all current occupants are accounted for, and a report can be remotely accessed when printing a report on the premises is not feasible.

Contractor Sign-in and Sign-out

Contractors who come and go frequently are often given a photo ID card issued by the organization employing them, which includes a barcode that can be used to sign the contractor in and out, logging accurate work times and audit trails in case an incident triggers an investigation.

Invest in The Future

A visitor management system with barcode and scanner technology brings comprehensive tracking capabilities to organizations of any size in the simplest, fastest, and possibly most economical way. Upgrading your current visitor management solution or developing a new solution including barcode technology is a simple step to a more secure and efficient business. Contact Veristream today at 888-718-0807 for more information on our barcode technology, and to schedule a demo of our visitor management solutions.

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