How DNA Fusion™ Access Control Improves Your Security

How DNA Fusion™ Access Control Improves Your Security

DNA Fusion Access Control

Security is one of the most crucial elements to any facility. Whether it be a small school, or the headquarters of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, monitoring who accesses what and when is undeniably necessary. Locks, vaults, timers, cameras and photo ID verification are all essential, but without a central hub to monitor everything, it is difficult to coordinate all security systems implemented.

Harmony between these systems grows increasingly complicated the more security you have. Difficulty in coordination is not to say that less security is the answer, simply that the best way to handle it is with cloud-based access control software that has the capability to integrate with all systems currently in place.

The Solution

The answer to this dilemma is DNA Fusion™. Employing a security solution like DNA Fusion™ allows for numerous benefits while simplifying security measures. It provides management across several systems with an effective yet simplified user interface and combines everything you have in place, resulting in an easy-to-use security solution.

Customization and flexibility allow for optimizing your security solutions to best fit any needs you may have. Every security system runs differently and depending on what you are protecting it is vital to have a security solution that matches the system itself.

Streamlined Functions

DNA Fusion™ is malleable in the sense that it provides sturdy management and integration with many different forms of security. Features of DNA Fusion™ include:

  • Easy viewing and cataloging of people in the system
  • User interface configurable to tailor perfectly to any of your needs
  • Scheduling options for an individual system’s actions whether it be on a repetitive schedule or a case-by-case basis
  • Simplified methods of securing the accessibility of credentials and photo identification
  • Compatibility with several other security products such as WayPoint Visitor Management, and OpenDX
  • Accessibility from both desktop and mobile platforms

Designed with an open platform approach, DNA Fusion™ creates comprehensive security solutions for innumerable purposes and streamlines management of all integrated systems.

Enhancing Your Security with DNA Fusion™

Without the proper access control software in place, your facility lacks synchronization within the security systems used. DNA Fusion™ provides a user-friendly answer to the problem of security management allowing you to control all systems at once through a central hub. Never put your security at risk and employ DNA Fusion™ access control today.

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