Lost Access Control Cards Can Impact Your Business

Lost Access Control Cards Can Impact Your Business

Security risks of employees losing their access control cards

Losing Access Control Card - prox CardIn today’s corporate world, we all have badges which identify us as an employee, cleared to be in the building. To take it a step further, on Government or otherwise secure (i.e. classified) projects, those badges identify us as someone with the proper clearance to work on the project. It is all about security, which in today’s society has become a requirement, security for a corporation or a project is tantamount to the very success of that entity. Without proper visitor security in the form of a badge, anyone could walk into a building gaining access without notice. These badges are the latest measure of defense against such action, but they are not without their own set of risks.

There are security risks of employees losing their building access control cards. Lost access control cards, or proxy cards, can offer an easy way into the building by non-authorized visitors. With loss of a building access control card, it may only be a matter of time before unauthorized person with that card could gain entry to the building and would be free to roam any office or lab that the card allows access. The only remaining line of defense for these types of control cards is that some require a PIN code of some sort to open a door.

But the threat does not have to come from outside. When working in a building that requires an access control card, it is of utmost importance to keep that card on your person at all times. In some cases, a computer terminal will use the same card to access the computer. And, often people will forget to take their card with them when the step away to the printer or for just a few moments. Those few moments is all it takes for someone to grab your card from your computer and, essentially, assume your identity. Again, there are problems with PIN codes, but the same workarounds apply, and the new “owner” of the card now has access to all the same rooms, labs, data, and information you have access to – it is all programmed into the security system that is powered by the chip in the controlled access card.

While building access control cards are a far superior method of controlling access to an area than a simple paper log, they do have their limitations when used without visitor management software. They are still a piece of technology, and rely on computer systems to work properly.

All they need is physical access to a card, and they can easily take care of the rest to access an entire building or a certain set of files on a computer system. As advanced as these cards have become, with microchips and RF sensors embedded in them, they are not so advanced that they cannot be cracked and used against the company or group that employs them as their means of access control.

Veristream is a company that specializes in security measures, such as those related to building access control cards. We would like to work with you to ensure your security is able to handle a situation where an employee’s card goes missing. If you are interested in our services, or to learn more about how we can help with preventing problems such as those related to loss or theft of a control access card, please contact us.


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