How to Keep Your Visitor Management Protocols Updated

How to Keep Your Visitor Management Protocols Updated

Many enterprises, multi-tenant office buildings, campuses, and health care facilities have an established visitor management protocol for signing in guests. Documenting visitors to your facility is a crucial part of a successful security plan, and a visitor management system streamlines the process to accomplish the highest levels of security.

Visitor management data is securely stored and auditable, allowing security managers to determine who was in your facility, the purpose of their visit and how long they remained on site weeks or even months afterward.

Visitor management systems provide a valuable tool in maintaining workplace and facility safety, but the most important aspect of your visitor management policy is how routinely it is reviewed and updated. Visitor management systems only work if security managers are consistently reviewing, updating, and making sure that everyone within the enterprise understands the policy and protocols, as well as their responsibility to follow security procedures faithfully.

Routine Protocol Reviews

Visitor management protocols should be reviewed at a minimum of once every three months to ensure the protocols are accomplishing the goals for which they were established. Since visitor management systems are always evolving and providing new functionality, a tool that didn’t seem necessary a few months ago may be a perfect fit for your visitor management system today.

Include Employees

Visitor management systems protect enterprises from outside threats, and in today’s security-conscious workplace it is important to make sure your system is always functioning at maximum capacity. When reviewing your enterprise’s visitor management protocols, your employees, security personnel, and corporate officers should all be included.

Regular Updates

Security managers should maintain and update the enterprise’s written visitor policy and its procedures and protocols regularly. When reviewing your system, ensure it includes:

  • A visitor management system that requires visitors to enter their government ID or driver’s license at every entry point.
  • ID badges printed for guests during check in.
  • Protocols for ID badge designs.
  • A record of the following information for each visitor:
    • Visitor name
    • Visitor company
    • Visitor company affiliation
    • Date and time visitor arrives and departs
    • Name of visitor’s sponsor
    • Sponsor’s telephone number

All visitors should be required to sign-out before leaving the facility. At the end of each shift or workday, a security administrator should run the visitor log to determine which visitors, if any, are still in the building, as well as check for any unusual visitor behavior. Any visitors who failed to sign out should be identified, and the employee who sponsored them should be contacted to explain the visitor’s whereabouts.

Establish Visitor Management Security

Making sure employees and corporate officers are responsible for understanding and following your security protocols is critical to making sure your workplace remains safe. If you want to implement a new visitor management system or make updates to your current system, contact the visitor management professionals at Veristream online or by calling 888-718-0807.

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