How Visitor Management Helps Users Every Day

How Visitor Management Helps Users Every Day

Visitor MangementHow do you know if a visitor management system can benefit your company on a daily basis? It’s easy for us to tell you how valuable visitor management is for security, but it’s just as beneficial to learn how your visitor management system can save you money, prevent miscommunication and provide other tangible benefits.

Here are a few examples of how a visitor management system can improve your everyday operations and your bottom line:

Captures and Stores Non-disclosure Agreements
A key element in conducting business is welcoming visiting companies. However, allowing certain visitors to enter your facility does come with some potential concerns – snooping, spying or intellectual property theft, for instance.

To avoid being exploited, many businesses require visitors to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) prior to visiting their facilities. Your visitor management system can deliver NDAs to visitors during the pre-registration process or at check-in. If you discover a visitor has violated the NDA at a later date, you have a signed document to pursue appropriate legal recourse.

Helps Eliminate Deceptive Billing
In many cases, especially in large and multi-tenant buildings, working with contractors involves an element of trust. If your company does not have a foolproof sign-in/sign-out system for contractors, you must trust them to bill you honestly. How do you really know if your contractor’s invoices reflect the actual hours they worked?

Your electronic visitor management system can accurately track when your contractor begins and ends work. One visitor management user concerned he was being improperly billed, began recording his contractor’s times through his system. He was then able to compare the visitor management data to the contractor’s invoices, identify discrepancies and correct them.

By doing so, he saved enough money to recoup the investment he made in purchasing the visitor management system and gained a foolproof way of verifying his contractor’s invoices. The system creates a detailed, digital record of every contractor sign-in and sign-out, providing definitive proof that you’re paying for time worked.

Eliminates Language Barriers
Often times, a language barrier can prevent a guest from registering. This can be a frustrating and potentially embarrassing situation for your visitor – especially in communities with a high number of residents where English is not their first language.

Your visitor management system can scan the guest’s driver’s license or passport, sourcing all the required information automatically and saving it to the database. Some visitor management systems provide multiple language solutions for visitors who need to sign a NDA or provide additional information.

These are just some examples of how visitor management systems help users operate smoothly on a daily basis. If you are looking to implement a visitor management system, contact Veristream online or at 888-718-0807.

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